What I've Been Up To (the Nursery- Part Deux)

So, I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been posting lately... (Hey- don't burst my bubble! I'm pregnant and very hormonal- just ask Greg...)

Well, I've been super-duper busy with work, etsy and turning THIS-

into the nursery of my dreams.

It's still a work in progress of course, but here's how it's going:

First, we had the "simple" job of rewiring. Ha! Don't ya just love old houses? Once that was finished (finally!) we had to paint the ceiling and prime (ugh, way stinky!) and then we could get to the fun stuff- COLORS!
The top is a light shade of teal (even though in the pics it looks like seafoam green, trust me, it dried darker)

The bottom is a light shade of green.
(Thanks for your help, Trish and please don't kill me for posting this! =)

The two colors are separated with a chocolate brown stripe (my favorite part, but this took lots of effort with a few hiccups...)

I bought a cheapo light fixture and turned it cute with some brown and white paint. I also bought brown switches/outlets/plates and painted white polka dots on them as well.

Finally, today I added the piece de resistance- polka dots to the chocolate stripe. I think they look just darling!

I've also been working on all of the bedding coordinates for the room. The comforter turned out awesome (if I do say so myself)

and the peekaboo window valance also pleased my critical self! (props to my Grams for teaching me how to sew!)

Still to come- a bedskirt to match the valance, bumper, roman shades, diaper stacker, etc. Oh yeah, and we've got to get all of the door and crown moulding back on (right after we clean up all of the paint left there by the previous owner- that'll be a fun project!)

SOOOOO.... Whaddya think?
(don't forget I'm hormonal and everything! =)


MBush said...

I am in love!!! When I'm ready to do Marianne's room (no its not done because I'm Mom of the Year) I'm calling you for great ideas!! I might be partial simply because there are polka-dots...gotta love polka dots!

Trish said...

umm... for the record, my butt was not hanging out!

It's a good thing I was not reading this with you sitting next to me, because it wouldn't have been pretty!

With that said, the room looks beyond wonderful!

Kat said...

Ok, yes, everyone, to be fair, Trish's butt was not hanging out.

But it was funnier to make it look that way with the censor box. (Thanks for being my BF and not coming over to slap me around...I owe you a Starbuck's! =)

And by the way... if I believed in karma, I'd say you are getting your fair share after posting pics of Courtney helping you paint your downstairs bedroom...

Jen said...

You are amazing, do you know that?!?! I love it. There's something so magical about certain baby nurseries, and yours is one of them. Well done!! I cried the first night I brought Levi into his nursery ... something about all of that preparation, wishing, hoping, and decorating coming to finality with this little baby being HERE, finally HERE, was just an awesome blessing. I'm excited for you and Greg to have that experience!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the room look awesome, I'm sure it's even better in person. I'm sure the little guy will love it as much as you do. Great job!!