I'm Making My Life Simpler By...

...making one extra meal to freeze each week, and using a frozen meal once a week!

I started loading up a deep freeze with meals when I was pregnant (nesting, anyone?), in order to make my life easier when Caden arrived. Boy, am I ever glad I did- we actually ate a meatloaf last night that I froze in May! Well, the stockpile has thinned and I am pledging to build it back up.

It's actually pretty simple-
Once a week, I make a dish that freezes well. I just double the recipe (or make the whole recipe, since I usually just halve it for the two of us), bake one, and freeze the other one in a foil baking dish covered with saran wrap and foil. (Bo-nus! No pots/pans on frozen meal nights!) I label a piece of paper with the dish's name and cooking instructions and place it in a freezer bag for extra freshness.

My goal is to work up to two and then three meals like this a week. This will cut the nights I cook dinner from scratch to only 3-4! And, I think it saves money.

Anyone else game to try it with me? I'd love to share recipes/ideas/tips. If so, here's a delicious one to get you started (don't let the name fool you, it's barely spicy)

Jalapeno Chicken Enchiladas
(this recipe makes two 8x8" dishes- one to bake, one to freeze. Double the recipe if you have a larger family and use two 9x13" pans)

-15 oz can tomato sauce
-2 cans cream of chicken soup (can use low fat)
-2 cups sour cream (can use light, not sure about fat free)
-2 jalapenos, seeded and chopped
-2 cups cubed chicken breast
-2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
-12-14 flour tortillas
-Spices: salt, pepper, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder

In skillet, cook the chicken breast in a little oil and season with the spices to taste. Meanwhile, grease or spray with Pam two 8x8" pans. Spread 1/4 cup tomato sauce in the bottom of each. In a large bowl, combine the soup (undiluted), sour cream, jalapenos and 1-1/4 cup of the cheese. Stir in the cooked chicken. Spread about 1/2 cup mixture in each tortilla (I microwave them first to make them a little more pliable to prevent tearing) and place seam side down in the pans (about 6-7 in each pan). If you have any leftover filling, just spread it on top of the folded tortillas. Top with remaining tomato sauce and sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Cover with foil and bake one dish @ 350 for 35-40 minutes, or until edges are bubbly. Let stand to thicken a few minutes. Cover and freeze remaining dish.

*To use frozen: thaw overnight in fridge the day before use. Bake covered @ 400 for 35-45min, or until edges are bubbly.


Coveting Your Prayers...

This is almost too heartbreaking to write...

My sister's dad has been struggling with Mesothelioma for some time and has just taken a turn for the worse. The doctors do not expect him to last more than a week, and definitely not until Christmas. While I know that God holds each of our breaths and our mortality doesn't lie in the hands of men, this is shocking, too heartbreaking to even seem real. Josi is only 18 years old and has 2 younger brothers. I cannot imagine losing my dad, especially around the holidays. Please, please pray for my sister Josi and her dad, Lee.

Specific prayers:

- Traveling mercies for Josi as she travels with her baby (my 4 mo. old niece, Isabelle) in the winter weather (we just got hit with our first snow of the season) from Michigan to Illinois

- Courage and guidance from the Holy Spirit as Josi attempts to share the message of salvation with her dad

- Receptiveness on Lee's part to hear the Gospel and accept Christ's free gift!

- Comfort and peace to Tami (her stepmom) and her two younger brothers (Josh & Jacob) and salvation for them as well.

- That if God wills it, a miraculous healing, or at least one last Christmas together

- Guidance for me and the words to say that will bring comfort to my sister in such a hard time.

Thanks, faithful prayer warriors!


Feature in Styl Magazine

Wow- I was featured in Styl magazine!

Click here to see a .pdf of the article up close.
Click here to go to their awesome website.


A Gift...

Today, November 13th...
Today is the day where bloggers everywhere
are joining together in a campaign to buy water for Christmas.

4500 mothers bury their children
EVERY DAY due to contaminated water.
That statistic crushes my heart.
It hits very close to home this year.
Because I have been there.
And while it is a harsh reality,
no mother should ever have to bury their child.
The lack of access to clean water
is the leading cause of death in underdeveloped nations.
But we can do something to help.

$10 will buy clean water for someone in Africa for 10 years.
10 years.
$10 isn't much for us, is it?
And your $10 will be changing a life.
Will you join me today?
Click the photo below to be directed to a secure donation site
of the non-profit organization charity:water
All donations are tax deductible.
100% of the profit goes directly to clean water solutions in West Africa.

Share this with everyone you know
water for christmas


She's One Talented Lady!

She's my best friend, Trisha, of

Trisha Grace Photography

Just look at these awesome photos of Caden & Bella's photo shoot! (and there are zillions more fabulous shots were these came from!) We had tons of fun with our precious models. =)

If you live in West Michigan and want some spectacular photos done by a friendly and talented photographer, you MUST work with Trish. Just let me know & I'll hook you up with her digits!


Kissing Cousins (Aren't they cute?)

Oops, Josi forgot Bella's stroller- no problem- just put them both in Caden's!
(Caden was a little bewildered at his companion, I think :)

Awww... c'mon- aren't they the cutest?


Proof I'm Not an Idiotic Parent

'Cause I think I'm doing a better job than this kid's parental units-

Hey- ever feel bad about all your inadequacies as a parent? Well, my gift to you today is this proof that you are doing an outstanding job. (Provided you've never let your kid play with a giant killer snake, that is...)

Source of this and other hilarity- FailBlog


I'm Sending a Hug

To my best buddy, who's having a rough day, no, make that a rough week!
(You know who you are- I cannot believe I actually found clip art of ladybugs hugging! Nevermind that they are obviously of the opposite sex... Ah well, I've got a mustache, so what difference does it make?)

You, my dear, are one of the blessings I continually thank God for, right after my family (and chocolate, of course! =) I'm praying for you and keeping this shoulder all clear for you anytime you need it.

Love ya!


Beautiful Baby Bella

Well, even though I only have eyes for Caden (I mean, come on- was any kid ever cuter/sweeter/more wonderful?), I will admit that my niece Bella is a close second!

Welcome, Isabelle Ann!
Born 8.3.09
8lbs, 2oz and 21" long

Look at these beautiful eyes!
I am jealous of her eyelashes!


Get it While the Gettin's Good!

Cootie Catcher .pdf's are on sale for a limited time only!

SALE price is $15 off the regular price- you can't beat that, all you do-it-yourself brides out there!

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Baby Caden Avery is here!

Wow- it seemed like it would never happen, but it finally did-
Caden Avery Beyer is here!

Our little angel was born Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 5:55 pm. He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 21" long. He came via unplanned C-section due to a few complications- a long labor that wasn't progressing quickly enough, his sunny-side up position, and his dramatically dropping heartrate upon every contraction (poor kid was wrapped too tightly in his cord!)



Baby Countdown:T-Minus 1 day


I just can't believe it.

Even though I know I probably won't have the baby tomorrow (but crossing my fingers I do!) it is still amazing that I've reached the end of the "countdown." Tomorrow is July 11, the day I have been waiting for, for almost 9 months!

You know, it's funny, I almost forget what it feels like to NOT be pregnant. Has anyone else ever felt like that? What will it be like when I don't have a child kicking around my internal organs?

And although I know I'll miss feeling him move inside me, I just CAN'T WAIT to hug and hold him outside of me!

This is going to be a summer filled with beautiful babies, as my sister is expecting and due at the end of July and my cousin is also expecting, due September 9! I just can't help thinking of how fun the holidays are going to be when we all get together with the new round of kiddos to love and spoil. (And I do plan on spoiling my niece rotten, just so you know, Josi! :)

Let's all pray that I have this baby, soon, shall we? It's pretty hot in July. =)


The nursery- Sweet Details

Wow, I hope I can remember how to post to my blog...

It's been a long time, lol!

Just a few pics of some sweet details in the nursery-

Here's one side of the room:

And the other:

I painted this shelf myself! On it is his first bear, that we bought before we knew the sex of the baby, when I just wanted to buy SOMETHING! Also on the shelf is a pillow made for him by my BFF Trisha- isn't it too cute? Under the shelf are letters I painted. Originally, I wanted to use his name/nickname if it was short enough, but we hadn't decided yet and so I went with "Baby."

I love the glider chair that we purchased off Craig's List and I recovered/upholstered. The fabric is so cute up close- it's wavy with a lime green background- it matches perfectly! Also there is a pillow I made and a blanket made by baby's Grandma Beyer (super soft and cuddly).

This is the changing table I found on Craig's list for $20!!! I just love Craig's list! Adorning it is one of my favorite details- bunting in matching fabrics made by Trisha. (Just a quick plug for my uber-talented friend- she sells these buntings and many other adorable crafts in her etsy shop- daisysanddots.etsy.com)

I bought these mirrors at IKEA, like centuries ago, and totally forgot I even had them until we were cleaning out the office to make the baby's room- they matcher perfectly- how cool is that? The little saying, "Sweet Dreams" is from Trish again. Geez, girl! =)

Okay, this is my absolute favoritest thing in the nursery, ever (and not just 'cause I think I did a great job on it, either). I found this quote while searching for words to put on the wall (still to come- I need some inspiration). Even though this quote was too long for the vinyl I have left over from the polka dots, I fell in love with it and decided it needed to be a part of his room, because it's EXACTLY how I feel! A canvas, some paints and ribbon and voila! I adore it and get to look at it every time I change a diaper, as it's hanging over the changing table. (which may be a good thing, especially once I get sick of changing diapers!)

Well, to tell you the truth, the room just isn't done yet. I'm not talking about the trim that still needs to get refinished and installed, or the vinyl words, or the lamp I want to buy for the dresser, or the changing table pad I'm sorely lacking.


The sweetest thing that's yet to be added is going to be my son.

(Wow, that made me tear up. =)


Yet another reason to keep my mouth shut

I bet you're hoping I tell some sordid gossipy story to emphasize the fact that I need to learn to close my mouth more often.


Last night, a bug flew into my mouth and I inadvertently swallowed it. (despite my hacking and spitting attempts to expel it)



My wedding ring's back & a word to the wise...

This is a cautionary tale, my jewelry lovin' friends...

My diamond jewelry, which includes my precious wedding ring, needs to be taken to its respective jeweler every 6 months for a cleaning and inspection. (Upon relating this story to friends, apparently I am the only one who has to do this. It can't just be me- after all, my jewelry comes from 2 very popular jewelry stores!) I do this every October and April. I write it out on my large calendar in big letters so that I don't forget. When the jeweler does these inspections, they fill out a form and put it back in the sleeve or folder to show that you've been keeping your ring maintained so that the lifetime warranty will be good.

Well, along came April and I took until the last week to get around to bringing my jewelry in, but I did and everything looked good.

I've been a little swollen lately in my hands and feet (thank you pregnancy) and so I haven't been wearing my ring. In fact, after we returned from the mall I put it back in my jewelry box for safe keeping.

For some reason, I decided that Sunday to wear my wedding ring, despite its snugness. So, I put it on, and went to church. During our pastor's fabulous sermon, I looked down at my hand and dang it if one of the small round stones surrounding my center stone wasn't missing! (You should've seen me, I gasped audibly and my bible dropped off my almost non-existent lap. I love to make a scene!). Okay, so after I took a deep breath, I congratulated myself for being faithful in my inspections and knew that since it wasn't my center stone, it wasn't the end of the world and my warranty would cover this.

So, Monday I make my way to our local Kay jeweler, explain my problem, and hand over the ring. The worker asked if I was up to date with my inspections. "Of course," I replied and handed her my inspection report folder. A few seconds go by and she tells me that this isn't what she needs. She needs to see my most recent inspection report. Huh? It's in there, after all I just got it inspected the Tuesday before! No dice. Apparently the worker who did my inspection (she must've been pretty thorough seeing as how the prong completely broke off without me even wearing it after she inspected it...) neglected to include my inspection report in my folder when she handed it back to me.

Now, it still was April (for another 2 days only!) so it worked out okay since I was still within my month to get inspected, but what if I hadn't felt like putting it on that Sunday? What if I waited until my preggo hands went back to their normal size in two months? The manager told me they would still have honored it, but I wonder if they would've believed me after that much time.

Anyhow, if I'm not the only person on the planet who is required to get their jewelery inspected, make sure that you check every time that they include the paperwork!

Today I picked my ring up, shiny and new-looking and even though it isn't all that comfy on my finger, I am happy to have it back and will be wearing it on my pinky or around my neck.


Just call me Slacker

So, hello again. Nice to meet you. My name is Katrina and this here's my blog called Kat's Krafts.

Yep, I'm still alive, people!

Lots has been goin' on, though-

* Working on the baby's room. I 'll get pics up someday (no promises) of the roman shade and bumper and lamp and bedskirt and rug and dresser...

* Bought a new vehicle (well, new to us, anyways). Hard to admit this- it's a minivan. Yep, a Dodge Caravan. Couple that with my new short haircut (that I am totally hating on- regret is a bitter pill- you will not be seeing pics of that) and I'm officially a soccer mom, even though this kid's still in utero.

* Various household projects that got put on the backburner before but now my nesting instinct is forcing my ever patient husband to accomplish. (Hey... I'm helping- when I can!)

*Cootie Catcher craziness! It's wedding season, y'all.

*and life, of course. =)


WoW- I'm on a cool new wedding site!

Hey- I'm famous now!
(Well, not quite... but I'm trying!)

Seriously, though, I am so thrilled to have another one of my products featured online. The knot.com (a fab wedding site) has a new knock-off site sponsored by the WeddingChannel.com called My DIY Wedding Day. Check it out here.

I was recently contacted to put together a tutorial for crafty brides for the website. You may remember my post about clothespin magnet favors. Well, that tutorial is now on the DIY website! Pretty sweet, huh?

I thought so, too. =)


SERIOUSLY, how cool are these?

I wonder if people ever refer to me as the cootie lady? I had one client tell me that the reason she visited my shop is that she thought it said "cootchie." Hmmm... that's interesting (hope I'm not the cootchie lady!)

Anyhow, since I've started these, I've gotten lots of great ideas from customers who wanted a little something different and I've been happy to oblige. The latest and greatest?

Cootie Catchers as Wedding Menus!
I think they turned out super awesome! (See my last post for more information about how I seem to be hung up on myself.)

These can double as favors with the menu inside or stand alone as an awesome wedding menu. Know any brides? Send 'em my way!