Cootie Catcher Paper Options

I have loads of paper choices available! There's bound to be something that matches your event colors/theme and if not, I'm always up for special orders! :)

You can click each picture to get an up close view of each set of colors. Please remember that monitors differ, so if you have a question about any of my paper colors, please don't hesitate to ask! I've included some other terms under the color names in an effort to help you identify their true shades. Also, if you are unsure, I would be happy to arrange swatches sent via snail mail.

Please be aware that I print cootie catchers on TEXT weight paper. All of my papers are between 24-30lbs. I personally feel this is the right weight of paper for cooties. Please see my note below if you are interested in heavier stock.

NEW- just added a solid aqua/Tiffany to the Solid Blues!

Sorry, the solid Aqua is not available in cardstock.

THIS JUST IN! Jewel Tones!
This gorgeous line just became available. There is an extra charge of $.12 each for these jewel-tone papers. They are 28lb text weight and are usually better suited to darker inks.
NEW- just added a new aqua/Tiffany blue to the Jewel Tone line.

Sometimes brides like their cooties on cover stock (although I don't recommend it). I'm happy to accommodate these orders upon request. There is a $.10 upcharge for cardstock cootie catchers. (With the exception of the Jewel Tone collection, which has an upcharge of $.22 each for cover stock)
Unless otherwise marked, all of my paper selections also come in cardstock. In addition to these cardstock choices, I also have:White Linen
Cherry (a shade of pink)
Buff (a light yellow/gold color)
Bisque (off white)

Also, I get asked a lot if I can do white ink on darker paper. The short answer is unfortunately, no. (Which is why you'll notice I don't offer black or very dark papers) White ink is not yet available except in VERY expensive commercial printers. Let's hope they come up with a solution to that soon!

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