Place Card Name Pricing

If you are ordering place/escort cards and would like me to print/input individual guest names on them, I would love to do so! I offer this service for both printed cootie catchers and DIY .pdf cootie catcher orders. (The price is the same for both, see table below)

I work from your guest list, sent in a formatted excel file (to my stipulations) or from whatever format you have them. There's a price break if you format the file how I need it yourself, but for brides who don't want to worry about this, I am happy to do it for you for a small additional charge.

How I need your excel file formatted:
(Click photo to enlarge)

Helpful Tip-
If you have already gathered your guest info in an excel file, but don't have the data separated into columns like I need, here's how to do it in one fell swoop, instead of manually changing each one:

1.) Determine if you have enough empty columns to spread everything out without overlapping your table numbers, if applicable. If not, move the table column data over far enough to be out of the way. (Highlight then cut and paste- usually 6-7 columns over)

2.) Highlight the data (in one column) that you want to separate.

3.) Click "Data" in the toolbar, and then "Text to Columns"

4.) Select "Delimited Width" for your data type, then click next

5.) Check the box for "Space" as the delimiter you'd like, click next

6.) The default data format should be "General".
Click Finish.
(If you get a pop-up box that asks if you want to replace the content of the destination cells, this means you must not have moved your table numbers over far enough. Click Cancel, or they will be replaced by the name data. If you accidentally clicked OK, just hit undo).


Important Policies

Hiya fabulous customers!
Thanks for taking the time to read through my policies!

Because my work is completely custom, I require payment in full up front. If this makes you apprehensive, please check out my 100% positive feedback rating from hundreds of clients and keep in mind that I send proofs, offer unlimited revisions and require your final approval before I ever print.

I accept:
Major Credit Cards
Money Orders
(from a nationally recognized institution such as the USPS or WalMart, etc.)
RME (Revolution Money Exchange)

Domestic- I ship all of my US orders via Priority mail with tracking and insurance as a default. I'm willing to change the shipping method to first class (only small orders) or Express (next day) if you let me know and I'll get you a quote. ***Please note that although Priority generally takes 3-5 business days, there is no guarantee of that (as per the USPS)! For this reason, I recommend giving at least 4 week shipping cushion if you can. Please see my lost package policy below for more info.

International- Depending on the quantity, cootie catchers ship first class or Priority Mail. (Order of 25-115 ship Priority. Orders over 115 ship first class) I do this to ensure the best rates for you.
***Please note that all taxes/customs fees are YOUR responsibility!***

With all of my shipping, I do my best to estimate how much it will cost. Sometimes I overestimate and cheerfully refund any extra cost. I hate inflated shipping charges when I shop online and therefore don't do that to my customers, either. (Please keep in mind that my shipping charges do include a small amount for handling.)

Lost/Delayed Packages-I can knock on wood and say I've never had a package go missing anywhere in the world! But I have had shipping delays that can be discouraging to brides on a time crunch, so please be aware that-
I can only account for myself in regards to lead times! I make no promises in regards to transit times, so please order with enough time in advance to allow a shipping delay, should it occur. (ESPECIALLY international customers!) Rest assured that I do promise you will receive your package eventually- I recognize I have a duty to ensure you get what you pay for, I just can't promise when! If you are at all concerned about shipping times, you are welcome to upgrade to a faster shipping service. Just let me know and I'll get you a quote!

I consider a package lost:
US- after 30 business days
CANADA- after 40 business days
EVERYWHERE ELSE- after 45 business days
(Yes, it really can take over 8 weeks for international mail- customs delays is a major culprit)

Should your package be considered lost, I will reprint and ship promptly, shipping by the same method you originally paid for. If you need expedited shipping, the extra will be your responsibility. I also can offer a .pdf of your design at no cost if you'd rather this option instead for reason of a time crunch.

All this sounds kind of alarmist! I actually am very happy with how prompt USPS shipping usually is. I've shipped hundreds of packages and can count any significant delays I've had on one hand. =)

I'm so sorry, due to the custom nature of my work, I do not offer refunds.

In the case of any errors on printed cootie catchers:
Please remember that I send proofs for your final approval before I ever print. Of course, I am committed to 100% quality work, but if you send info to me misspelled (especially names) and then don't catch it on your proofs, I'm sorry, I cannot be held responsible. I'll happily change the error and reprint at the quantity price for you, though and ship via whatever method you choose at your cost.

If I make an error on your cooties and you do not catch it on the proof, but only when you have them in hand- if it's a proper name (a person, restaurant, city, etc.) I am not responsible. I am actually a spelling geek, but I can't possibly know how every person or place in the world is spelled. It is your responsibility to look over your cootie catcher with a fine tooth comb for errors in proper names.

However, if it's a spelling or grammar error that I made (which means it differs from the text you sent) even though you missed it on the proof, I take responsibility. In this case, I offer three options:
1.) If it's minor and you can live with it, I will refund 15% with my deepest apologies. I will also send you 4 fixed cooties as keepsakes via first class mail.
2.) I will reprint and ship with the original shipping method (again, you pay for expedited if you need it)
3.) I send a fixed .pdf for you to print yourself and refund 10%


Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Dear, sweet Caden-
Happy Birthday, son!

Wasn't it just yesterday I found out I was pregnant? When I grabbed my head and squealed in excitement at the doctor's office when the nurse confirmed what I had only dared to believe
(while your dad looked on smiling)?

Wasn't it just a moment ago that you came into this world with a cry, prompting tears of my own, though they were from pure joy?

Amazing how a tiny little baby can swell such love in a mother's heart! (and Daddy's, too!)

Each precious moment and first has flown by and although you are still a baby, you have changed so much! I love the silly person you are becoming, a little boy full of fun and joy and interest in the world around you!

I can't believe it's been a whole year, an entire year, since God trusted us with you! 365 days of the most wonderful, blessed moments I could never before have imagined parenthood would bring. You are precious to us, my dear and Daddy and I love you very much!



Truth or Dare Ideas!

Remember Truth or Dare?
How exciting it was, and how fun?

Another fabulous way to use my cootie catchers at your wedding to get your guests having fun and mingling is to have Truth or Dare catchers!

Instead of questions about you as a couple (i.e. How did the bride and groom meet?) have alternating open-ended questions and dares to get your guests having fun and interacting with each other.

Truth: "How do you know the bride and groom?"
Dare: "Ask a stranger to dance!"
(You'll need 4 of each, so 8 total on each cootie)

Or, do all open-ended questions or dares, whatever!

Some Dare Ideas:
Ask a stranger to dance
Do the electric slide/marcarena/bunny hop/hokey pokey, etc.
Pose for a photo
Kiss the bride
Hug the groom
Request a song and dance to it
Make a toast
Balance a spoon on your nose
Juggle with dinner rolls
Do a shot
Get your table another round of drinks
Sing a song to the newlyweds
Drink a cocktail
Introduce yourself to someone new
Have another piece of cake
Show your moves on the dance floor
Tell a funny story about the bride/groom
Go order a __(interesting drink)__ from the bar.
Create a limerick/haiku about your table.

Some Truth Ideas:
How do you know the bride and groom?
What is your favorite wedding movie?
What's the funniest memory you have of either (Bride) or (Groom)?
Who is a better dancer, (Bride) or (Groom)?
What's your favorite type of flower?
Do you cry at weddings?
Do you have any sweet dance moves?
What was the last wedding you attended?
How many children should the couple have?
If money was no object, what wedding gift would you give the newlyweds?
What is your favorite flavor of cake?
What is your first memory of the bride and groom together?
What's your favorite dance song? (Go request it!)
What's your drink of choice?
Which wedding guest is most likely a wedding crasher. Explain.
Which celebrity would you marry?
Are you wearing anything old, new, borrowed, or blue?
What's the worst first dance song imaginable?
What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a wedding?

You can find my cootie catchers in my etsy shop here or email me to get your order started-
katskrafts {@} yahoo {.} com


Gorgeous New Papers!

I am soooo excited to now offer these beautifully rich, jewel-tone papers!
When I saw that my supplier was carrying them, I actually shrieked! (I'm proud to shop local!)

The weight on these papers is 28lbs (perfect for cooties!) and they have a slight texture (which you can feel, but not see).

As you can see from the notes on the photo, these papers are better for deeper inks and have an upcharge of $.12 each. These papers are also available in cover stock, which has an upcharge of $.22 each (instead of the normal $.10)

Hey fall brides- get your cooties on these lovely papers today! Click here.