Kissing Cousins (Aren't they cute?)

Oops, Josi forgot Bella's stroller- no problem- just put them both in Caden's!
(Caden was a little bewildered at his companion, I think :)

Awww... c'mon- aren't they the cutest?


Proof I'm Not an Idiotic Parent

'Cause I think I'm doing a better job than this kid's parental units-

Hey- ever feel bad about all your inadequacies as a parent? Well, my gift to you today is this proof that you are doing an outstanding job. (Provided you've never let your kid play with a giant killer snake, that is...)

Source of this and other hilarity- FailBlog


I'm Sending a Hug

To my best buddy, who's having a rough day, no, make that a rough week!
(You know who you are- I cannot believe I actually found clip art of ladybugs hugging! Nevermind that they are obviously of the opposite sex... Ah well, I've got a mustache, so what difference does it make?)

You, my dear, are one of the blessings I continually thank God for, right after my family (and chocolate, of course! =) I'm praying for you and keeping this shoulder all clear for you anytime you need it.

Love ya!


Beautiful Baby Bella

Well, even though I only have eyes for Caden (I mean, come on- was any kid ever cuter/sweeter/more wonderful?), I will admit that my niece Bella is a close second!

Welcome, Isabelle Ann!
Born 8.3.09
8lbs, 2oz and 21" long

Look at these beautiful eyes!
I am jealous of her eyelashes!


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Baby Caden Avery is here!

Wow- it seemed like it would never happen, but it finally did-
Caden Avery Beyer is here!

Our little angel was born Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 5:55 pm. He weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 21" long. He came via unplanned C-section due to a few complications- a long labor that wasn't progressing quickly enough, his sunny-side up position, and his dramatically dropping heartrate upon every contraction (poor kid was wrapped too tightly in his cord!)