New Fonts Added!

I just adore fonts- love 'em! I'm always on the lookout for new fun fonts to add to my collection.

(click for a close up)

And as always- if you don't see what you need on my extensive list (here), you are welcome to check out dafont.com to find what you need to make your cooties perfectly coordinate!


Caden Surgery Update

Thanks so much to everyone who sent kind words/thoughts and prayed for Caden! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get this update up (but you know me- busy, busy, busy!)

The surgery went fantastic! Caden did super! My nerves were a bit on edge, but I felt God's peace and I know you were praying for this momma! =) The first week of recovery was pretty tough- Caden had to have a catheter and it gave him bladder spasms. I must say that he is quite the little trooper, though- such a good-natured boy!

We have to go back in another few weeks for another checkup to make sure things still look good and are working right. :)

Thanks again to everyone who prayed for my family!


Caden's Surgery

Caden is having his Hypospadias surgery tomorrow (Thursday, June 3) at 7:30am.
I am a little freaked out about the whole thing, but I know that God's got it all under control and the team at DeVos Children's hospital is amazing. If you think of us tomorrow, we would definitely appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

For my customers- thanks for understanding that my family comes first and so there may be a slight delay in communication from me. I am taking tomorrow through Monday to be the most attentive mommy I can be and will resume designs and shipping at that time.