a WHALE of a Tote

Have you ever been super proud of something you've done? Like, you can't believe you created something that darned adorable?

You show it off to everyone who will listen and practically give them no other option than to agree that
yes, it is darling, and yes, you are so creative and ooooh and ahhhh?

Well, of course I've done this! Here's my latest cute-overload accomplishment-

It's a "Whale" of a tote! Now do ya get my title? Pretty clever, huh? (Apparently this self-absorption applies to more than crafting in my case...)

My bosom buddy Shelly just had her second bundle of joy boy recently and I wanted to send him something unique and fun. So, all it took was a canvas tote bag, some fabric, thread, yarn, ribbon and a button eye to make me swoon over my own creation. (Hoo boy, this was one of those gifts that was really hard to give away when you want to keep it for yourself! I'll just have to make one for my own boy wonder. =)

And of course, I certainly won't protest if you happen to leave me a comment or two about how you LOVE this bag as much as I do! :)

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