Spring is coming... and so are the Brides!!!

Wedding season is coming up pretty quick here, so just a quick promotional post for my super cute

Cootie Catchers!

I can format these awesome little origami as unique:

(with questions and answers about the bride & groom)

(with all the ceremony info)

(with a space to write, or I can print the guest names/tables)

(Yep, that's right, I have made these as fun invites!)

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A Supermarket Secret

Hey, I found something out at the grocery store the other day and I decided I'll share it with you. 'Cause that's what friends are for, right?

It has to do with pickles. So, if you like pickles, read on. (If not, you know you're not going to stop reading anyways, so haha!)

Before I get down to the nitty-gritty, let me just preface this by saying please don't write me off about pickles just because I am pregnant. I like pickles all the time. In fact, once, at a restaurant that had unlimited fries, I asked for a refill on my pickle. No lie. (They actually did it!) And you can also ask my friend Trish, who I once almost throttled because she threw out a large container of perfectly good pickles because she didn't have any room for them in the fridge. Senseless waste, I tell ya.

Okay, so, I have always wondered at the difference between a pickle on the side of your burger at a restaurant and pickles in a jar that you buy at the grocery store. The pickle from a restaurant is so much better- crispy, crunchy, completely yummy. And pickles in a jar are good, too, they are just...different. (In a less good, but still okay way. Did I mention I like pickles?)

So, at the grocery store last Thursday I picked up a jar of pickles and thought nothing of it, until later on, I passed by the refrigerated section, where I spied a sign- "Refrigerated Pickles." Well, before I had always chalked that up to people needing their cold pickle fix in a hurry- nothing I would ever pay extra money for- sort of like refrigerated jello and pudding- I'll eat them at room temp or wait a while before I lay down 50 cents to scratch that itch.

Anyhow, when I got closer, I could see that these pickles looked just like the ones from a restaurant- more white in color than yellow. So, I decided to splurge the extra 35 cents from my other pickle purchase and try them out.

I think you know where this is going...

I will never buy the other kind of pickle again!!!!!

They taste just like the ones from the restaurant. Yum, YUM , yummy yum-yum! So, if you're like minded- make sure to stop by the refrigerated pickle section at your store!

(And, okay, okay, I will admit, that even though my pregnancy hasn't created my love for pickles, it has caused me to eat 2 jars of them since I found them less than a week ago. Fear not, though, I have another jar waiting in the fridge).

Off to eat a pickle! =)


Drum Roll, Please....

Are you ready for this?


Yeppers, a little darling boy is coming on 7-11-09.

(What am I going to do??? I will be outnumbered in my own house by Beyer boys!!!)

Here's a few pics for those of you who are interested:

What a sweet profile:
It looks like he's sucking his thumb in this shot:
A shot of his legs all bunched up:

And... of course, since I have to start embarrassing my children with pictures on the internet as soon as possible- I give to you...


Do you like 80's Music?

'Cause I really do!

So, in honor of the decade of my childhood, I am changing my music player for awhile to include some awesome hits from the 80's. Scroll down the page and have a flashback for yourself. You'll feel younger, I promise!


P.S. I know some of you are anxious to know whether we'll be painting the baby's room pink or blue...but for now you'll just have to wait! We do know, but I haven't gotten a chance to tell a few important family members first. Even though I'm sure they follow my blog religiously (uh, yeah, right...), I don't want them to read it here, instead of being told in person! =)


Octuplet Mom Controversy

Geez- enough already!

Can I just say that I am sick and tired of everyone's completely judgmental attitude about this woman and her family?

First of all, most of the information has been generated by the media.
The MEDIA, people!
I for one, never trust the spin doctors, especially when it comes to hot button issues.

I've heard all the outrage and the reasons why she shouldn't have done it, she doesn't deserve her kids, taxpayers will have to take care of them all, she's had plastic surgery, 3 of her kids have disabilities already, the hospital bills are piling up, she's soliciting donations, she should be sterilized, etc.


Just wow.

Whether I personally agree with her decisions and whether I would have done the same thing in her place-

"Judge not lest ye be judged."
Matt 7:1


Hilarity will ensue- I promise!

I just have to share a hilarious new game that friends introduced us to!

It's called Chinese Pictionary!
(Remember Chinese telephone? Well, imagine that and pictionary rolled into one)

One of the best things about it is that all you need is paper and pens/pencils and at least 5 friends. (sense of humor is somewhat optional, as this is guaranteed to make you laugh no matter what!)

- some sheets of paper, cut into thirds, long ways (or "hot dog style" as us teachers like to say)
- pens/pencils

Step One:
Each person gets one strip of paper to begin. Everyone thinks of a common phrase/idea and writes it out at the top of their strip. Then, they everyone passes the paper to the left or right, whatever you predetermine before the game begins.

Step Two:
Player 2 reads the phrase, and then illustrates it (as best they can!). Now, this is important- BEFORE passing, Player 2 must fold over the written phrase so that only their drawing will be seen by Player 3.

Step Three:
Player 3 receives the strip, sees Player 2's (lovely) drawing and decides what it must mean. Then, they write out the phrase/idea they think the drawing represents.
Steps Four - ?:
Play keeps on going this way, with each player either writing or drawing in response to the clue they were passed, and folding over the paper so that the next player only sees their response.

As you can see, this one morphed from,
"Drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die,"
"Elvis Presley!"

The game is over when you receive your strip back (although it's usually hard to tell by the time it gets around to you! Try writing your name on the bottom of the strip when you begin). I guess there's really no winner to this game, but trust me, you will be rewarded by how much fun it is!

Other funny examples: (click to see them larger)



That's right- in just 7 days, we will be going in for our 1/2 way point ultrasound!!!

While we're there, we definitely plan on finding out the sex of the baby! (And until then, it's the battle of the sexes around here- I am all for a darling little girl, and hubby is dying for a little man. =)

So... you wanna weigh in on the issue?
(You got a 50/50 shot- the odds are pretty good!)

And, I don't care if any of you all decide to put some money on it- so long as you split the pot!

Go ahead and vote- in the right bar at the top of the blog.

Good luck- I'll keep you updated!


ICED TEA or WATER? You decide!

Do you drink enough water?

If you haven't heard (and really, who hasn't?), you are supposed to drink 64 oz of water each and every day!
Now, everyone who knows me knows that I do drink my water. My Nalgene bottle is always at my side (in fact, I just took a chug right now!)

However, a person can get really SICK of drinking so much water.
I've tried crystal light, but it's too sickly sweet for me.
I've tried lemons in the water and that's decent, but still not enough of a change.
I love a recipe from my friend Tina called "Spa Water" (just add sliced lemon, orange and cucumber to a pitcher of water)
But still, people, it's water!

If you have this problem, too- then I've got a super solution for you- ICED TEA!
"What?" you say? "Everyone knows there is caffeine in tea and any drink that is caffeinated cannot count towards your water intake!"

Ha- I thought of that- that's why I use decaffeinated tea bags!

So, if you want to drink something else for a change, stay healthy, and feel a little closer to summer in this bleak midwinter, then follow this (my Alabama grandma's) recipe for perfect iced tea!


Get yourself a 4 quart pitcher
('cause you know just 2 quarts isn't going to be enough)
10 decaffeinated tea bags
(store brand works just fine)

*Fill your pitcher 1/2 way up with cold water
*Pour that water into a pot and turn the heat on!
*Take out 10 tea bags and remove the tabs at the end.
*Tie all the strings together in a big knot (this will help remove them easier later)

*When water comes to a boil, add the tea bags and remove from heat
*Let tea steep for 15-20 min
*Pour tea (remove bags if you want, but I just leave 'em in) into your pitcher
*Fill rest of pitcher with cold tap water (or, if you're in a real big hurry, empty a few ice cube trays)
*Slice some lemon and enjoy!

P.S. If you add sugar, this does not count towards your daily water goal- try splenda instead.
P.P.S. Okay, if you don't want to buy a new pitcher, just use 5 tea bags instead for 2 quarts.