Cootie Catcher Question Ideas

Are you stuck on what questions to ask?
Need some more ideas?
Well, have a gander at this list!
(Please feel free to leave more in the comments)
Each cootie has room for 8 questions/answers.

Some Question Ideas:
What is their favorite restaurant?
Where was (bride/groom) born?
How many roses has (groom) given (bride)?
What is their favorite game?
Who is the best man?
Who is the Maid of Honor?
When is their anniversary? (duh!)
How did (groom) propose?
What is (bride/groom)’s favorite sport?
Where are they honeymooning?
Where will they live?
How much taller is (bride/groom)?
Who is older and by how much?
What tradition(s) do their families share?
What does (bride/groom) do for a living?
What do they collect?
When/how did (groom) propose?
What is their song?
Where/how did they meet?
Where is (bride)’s ring from?
When is (bride/groom)’s birthday?
Do they have any pets?
What is their pet’s name?
Where was their first date?
How many kids do they want?
Will they live happily ever after? (yes!)
Who is the ring bearer?
Who is the flower girl?
How long have (bride/groom)’s parent been married?
What is the bride’s “something blue/something old?”
What is their favorite type of food?
What is their favorite board game?
What is (bride/groom’s) favorite ice cream flavor?
Where was their first kiss?
What are their nicknames for one another?
What is their favorite sport?
Where have they traveled?
Which flower does (groom) give (bride)?
What is their favorite vacation spot?
What was the first movie they saw together?
What is their favorite TV show?
What are their nicknames for each other?
What does (Bride/Groom) love about (Groom/Bride)?
How long have they been dating?
Where will they live/new address?
What team does groom root for?
What is Bride’s favorite store?
What are their dreams?
What are their plans?
Who calls the shots?
What are their birthstones?
How many siblings do they have?
What does (Bride’s name/Groom’s name) mean?
Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
What instrument(s) do they play?
What do they spend all their money on?
What were their college majors?
How do you say “I Love You” in (French, etc)?
What was unique about the proposal?
What is their favorite band?
What do they do for fun?
Can (Bride/Groom) cook?
What is their drink of choice?
What is (Bride/Groom)’s favorite meal?
What is their favorite holiday?
What is his/her greatest challenge?
How did he win her heart?
How did she win his heart?
Who is his/her favorite historical icon?
What is his/her favorite book?
What would their ideal date night be?
Who is their favorite entertainer?
Who takes longer to get ready?
Who said, “I love you,” first?
What were some of their first jobs?
Who are their celebrity crushes?
What is (bride/groom's) catch phrase?
What does (groom) buy (bride) to say he's sorry?
What do they do after work?
(Bride or groom): morning person or night owl?
Who's better under pressure?
Who's the spender and who's the saver?
What couple do they most look up to?
What are their childhood nicknames?
Where is the most distant guest from?
Who's more likely to be late?
How many tattoos does (Bride/Groom) have?
If they won the lottery, what would they buy?
What is their dream hometown?

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Joanna said...

I am very interested in the cootie catchers as favors for my wedding. Is there a means of contacting you via phone to discuss?