Baby's Room Sneak Peek

It's our firstborn, so we (read: Trina) would really like our nursery to be special. Doesn't everyone feel that way? From the get-go, I knew exactly what I wanted for the colors/overall look of the nursery. I wanted to make it all myself- nothing premade that every other little tike might have. I didn't want a theme- no monkeys, sheep or trucks for our little prince. I wanted something funky/modern with these colors- Lime, Chocolate and teal/aqua. I wanted circles, polka dots and stripes. Is that too hard to ask for?

Apparently, it is. As soon as I started searching for the fabric of my dreams I realized it didn't exist. (Except for special-ordering from a designer company at $34 a yard plus shipping- yikes!) Actually, more than once I was brought to tears (I'm sure the hormones raging through my body didn't help) with my seemingly endless search for the right fabric. Finally, FINALLY, I found something I could live with and make work for the right price, while searching on etsy.

Michael Miller "Round-About" in Spa
Michael Miller "Lolli Dot" in Spa
Though the colors seemed to be green, brown and light blue, I still decided I wasn't going to find anything better and with only 3 months to go, I better get crackin'. So, I ordered some swatches, just to be sure. When they came in the mail- they were the perfect colors! The blues don't seem to show up right on the computer (even in these pics) and are actually teal/aqua. I cried. I mean, I actually really cried I was so happy. (again, thank you hormones...)

Now that these were decided, I thought it would be pretty simple to find a stripe in these colors. Ha! Learn from my presumptions, people! No, I can not find a stripe that matches, even in brown/white, to save my life. So, in an effort to save my sanity, I decided to keep it a little simpler and go with a coordinating brown minky dot fabric:
I've finally designed where everything will go and have ordered my fabric. Yay! Something to cross off the list.

So, that brings us to the next giant aspect of the nursery, the crib. Ugh. This is such a hard decision! We had one picked out from Babies R' Us, but then I decided I didn't like it anymore. We found one at Target that seemed perfect, but it was so short! Then, we found one online, and I loved the overall look, but it was sooooo expensive. The next one was great, but the hardware was showing. Finally, I decided to go with the one from Target (even though I detest this place) and when we went to pick it up with Greg's parents, they didn't have it in stock. (nor did could they order it, nor could they tell me when it would be in. Did I mention I loathe Target?)

Why, oh why, would you do that to an indecisive pregnant woman who has finally made up her mind about something? (You know that sent me on another frantic search for the perfect crib.) Anyhow, in the end, we found that another Target in the area had one in stock and made the final decision to purchase it. And, all's well that ends well, because I LOVE it!

I'm in charge of directions!

Today's the day we prep the room for paint! Surprisingly, I didn't have too much trouble deciding what I want to do with the paint. It came to me in a miraculous epiphany one day. (ha!) You'll have to wait to find out, though- I may just change my mind! =)

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