Important Policies

Hiya fabulous customers!
Thanks for taking the time to read through my policies!

Because my work is completely custom, I require payment in full up front. If this makes you apprehensive, please check out my 100% positive feedback rating from hundreds of clients and keep in mind that I send proofs, offer unlimited revisions and require your final approval before I ever print.

I accept:
Major Credit Cards
Money Orders
(from a nationally recognized institution such as the USPS or WalMart, etc.)
RME (Revolution Money Exchange)

Domestic- I ship all of my US orders via Priority mail with tracking and insurance as a default. I'm willing to change the shipping method to first class (only small orders) or Express (next day) if you let me know and I'll get you a quote. ***Please note that although Priority generally takes 3-5 business days, there is no guarantee of that (as per the USPS)! For this reason, I recommend giving at least 4 week shipping cushion if you can. Please see my lost package policy below for more info.

International- Depending on the quantity, cootie catchers ship first class or Priority Mail. (Order of 25-115 ship Priority. Orders over 115 ship first class) I do this to ensure the best rates for you.
***Please note that all taxes/customs fees are YOUR responsibility!***

With all of my shipping, I do my best to estimate how much it will cost. Sometimes I overestimate and cheerfully refund any extra cost. I hate inflated shipping charges when I shop online and therefore don't do that to my customers, either. (Please keep in mind that my shipping charges do include a small amount for handling.)

Lost/Delayed Packages-I can knock on wood and say I've never had a package go missing anywhere in the world! But I have had shipping delays that can be discouraging to brides on a time crunch, so please be aware that-
I can only account for myself in regards to lead times! I make no promises in regards to transit times, so please order with enough time in advance to allow a shipping delay, should it occur. (ESPECIALLY international customers!) Rest assured that I do promise you will receive your package eventually- I recognize I have a duty to ensure you get what you pay for, I just can't promise when! If you are at all concerned about shipping times, you are welcome to upgrade to a faster shipping service. Just let me know and I'll get you a quote!

I consider a package lost:
US- after 30 business days
CANADA- after 40 business days
EVERYWHERE ELSE- after 45 business days
(Yes, it really can take over 8 weeks for international mail- customs delays is a major culprit)

Should your package be considered lost, I will reprint and ship promptly, shipping by the same method you originally paid for. If you need expedited shipping, the extra will be your responsibility. I also can offer a .pdf of your design at no cost if you'd rather this option instead for reason of a time crunch.

All this sounds kind of alarmist! I actually am very happy with how prompt USPS shipping usually is. I've shipped hundreds of packages and can count any significant delays I've had on one hand. =)

I'm so sorry, due to the custom nature of my work, I do not offer refunds.

In the case of any errors on printed cootie catchers:
Please remember that I send proofs for your final approval before I ever print. Of course, I am committed to 100% quality work, but if you send info to me misspelled (especially names) and then don't catch it on your proofs, I'm sorry, I cannot be held responsible. I'll happily change the error and reprint at the quantity price for you, though and ship via whatever method you choose at your cost.

If I make an error on your cooties and you do not catch it on the proof, but only when you have them in hand- if it's a proper name (a person, restaurant, city, etc.) I am not responsible. I am actually a spelling geek, but I can't possibly know how every person or place in the world is spelled. It is your responsibility to look over your cootie catcher with a fine tooth comb for errors in proper names.

However, if it's a spelling or grammar error that I made (which means it differs from the text you sent) even though you missed it on the proof, I take responsibility. In this case, I offer three options:
1.) If it's minor and you can live with it, I will refund 15% with my deepest apologies. I will also send you 4 fixed cooties as keepsakes via first class mail.
2.) I will reprint and ship with the original shipping method (again, you pay for expedited if you need it)
3.) I send a fixed .pdf for you to print yourself and refund 10%

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