Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about my cootie catchers and the ordering process.
Hope these help! If not, please feel free to send me an email (katskrafts{at}yahoo{.}com) or shoot me an etsy convo

Q.- Does it cost extra for more than one set of questions?
A.- Yes- I charge a flat fee of $10 for each additional set of questions, with the same design layout (i.e only the text is changing, not the graphics, etc.) If you'd like to overhaul the design for each set, the fee is $20 each additional.

Q.- How do Cootie Catchers ship?
A.- US orders ship via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation AND Insurance. (International Customers- orders of 115 or less ship via Priority Mail international and orders over 115 ship via First Class mail, in order to save $$$) This is for your special day, and I don't take any chances! =) I ship them in a rigid mailer, which won't fit in your mailbox, so you'll have to make sure to follow the tracking and keep an eye out for them.

Q.- How long does the process usually take?
A.- Lead time on the Cootie Catchers varies depending on the season. In the off season, it is usually around 1.5 weeks, and during the height of wedding season can be up to 3-4 weeks. Lead times are also very dependent on how forthcoming you are in your communication from me, since you supply the customization info and need to approve designs before they go to print. I keep an updated lead time status here on my blog. Click here.

Q.- How far in advance should I order?
A.- I recommend ordering to allow for my current lead time and 4 weeks for shipping. I do so because the USPS does NOT guarantee the Priority Mail timeline. In fact, I have no recourse on the insurance until 30 days have passed with no delivery. For such a special occasion, I'd hate for you to take the risk, but of course, that's your call. I also am happy to offer Next Day shipping upgrades and rush order service for a small fee.

Q- Are they hard to fold?
A.- Well, that all depends on how confident you are! I don't personally think they are all that hard to fold, as long as you are patient enough to learn and have the right tool (a bone folder- $5-10 at craft stores, or in my etsy shop). With every order, I send an extra that has already been folded for you to reference, as well as detailed instructions that include drawings. Be sure to allow plenty of time to fold- don't wait until the night before the wedding! It takes me about 40 minutes of careful folding to fold 25 of them, so plan accordingly.
Of course, I am always available if you need help and I do take folding orders from time to time. Folding is $.75 extra each, and you'll need to contact me ahead of time to see if I can accommodate folding for you.

Q- How long do you keep my file on hand?
A.- I keep custom CC files on hand for 4-6 weeks after completion of order (CC's are shipped out), after which time I delete them, in order to keep my computer storage area from bogging down. If you need additional CC's please contact me before this deadline to get the quantity rate. If you do need them after I have deleted them, I will cheerfully design them again at full price. Thanks for understanding! :) Also, I do photograph some orders for display purposes. If you are opposed to having your custom design used for advertising, please let me know.

Q- Can I order just one to see if I like it?
A.- For sure! There are several listings in my shop for SAMPLE Cootie Catchers. Click here to go to my SAMPLE section. (If it's empty, I may have recently sold out- just convo/email me and I will restock them) The samples are not customized to you, nor can you pick your paper or color ink. But, they give you a great way to hold them in your hands and envision how great yours will look! (If you have a special request for style, you are welcome to ask, and I will do my best to find one in my stock that suits you, but no promises!) Also, I am happy to include up to 5 paper swatches with your sample.

Q- What kinds/colors of paper do you have?
A.- I have a range of more muted color choices in parchment paper, "natural" paper (looks handmade) and "Textures" paper (has a mottled look). I've also recently added a jewel tone collection as well, which has a small upgrade charge ($.12 each- my cost). These 4 kinds of paper offer the stiffest and most formal look. I also have quite a range of colors available in 24lb paper if you are trying to match your wedding colors. You can see all of my paper choices here. Almost all of my papers are also available in 65lb cover stock (cardstock) for a nominal charge of $.10 extra per cootie ($.22 extra for the jewel tone collection.)
If you order a sample and would like some swatches, leave a note in the message to seller section of checkout with the names of the papers you are interested in. I will include up to 5 swatches with each sample purchase. And finally, if you'd like something I don't normally carry, I'm willing to arrange a special order.

Q- Do you have white or metallic ink?
A.- No, unfortunately, I do not have the capability to produce white or metallic inks. I do have a fabulous laser printer, though and the range of crisp colors I can produce is fantastic. :)

Q.- What text can I include in my Cootie Catchers?
A.- I do 4 main types of CC's- FAVORS, PLACE CARDS, PROGRAMS & MENUS. All CC's have 4 outer square corners. Most brides choose to do their names and the date/year on opposite corners. Other ideas include the location, a monogram, your last name, a quote, a heart or graphic- whatever you can come up with!
-For FAVORS, there is space for 8 questions and answers. Don't think you can come up with 8 questions? Don't worry, I have compiled a large list of ideas for you, click here!
-PLACE CARDS are essentially the same as favors, but they have an outer corner or two dedicated to a space for your guest's name/table assignment. I can also print your guest names for you, see my price list here.
-For PROGRAMS, the ceremony information is formatted into 4 main interior sections. These usually consist of- 1.)Order of Ceremony 2.)Parents 3.)Wedding Party 4.)Thank You/Musicians/Officiant, but of course, each cootie varies with each bride.
-MENUS are also fully formatted as programs are, but you can either have questions on the flaps like favors with your menu info in the center, or dedicate the four main interior sections to your menu.

However, it's your event and your Cootie Catcher! They can be as unique as you are. :)

Q.- I've gotta have 'em! How do I get started placing my order?
A.- First, decide on the format you'd like. (Favors, place cards, programs or menus), then the total quantity you need and finally the ink color. Peruse my shop listings- if there's one that fits your needs exactly, go ahead and purchase that one. Otherwise, contact me and let me know what you want and I'll set up a custom listing for you. I have a helpful order form set up right here. If you are not an etsy member, I'd be happy to arrange your order via email- katskrafts(at) yahoo(dot)com.

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