Just call me Slacker

So, hello again. Nice to meet you. My name is Katrina and this here's my blog called Kat's Krafts.

Yep, I'm still alive, people!

Lots has been goin' on, though-

* Working on the baby's room. I 'll get pics up someday (no promises) of the roman shade and bumper and lamp and bedskirt and rug and dresser...

* Bought a new vehicle (well, new to us, anyways). Hard to admit this- it's a minivan. Yep, a Dodge Caravan. Couple that with my new short haircut (that I am totally hating on- regret is a bitter pill- you will not be seeing pics of that) and I'm officially a soccer mom, even though this kid's still in utero.

* Various household projects that got put on the backburner before but now my nesting instinct is forcing my ever patient husband to accomplish. (Hey... I'm helping- when I can!)

*Cootie Catcher craziness! It's wedding season, y'all.

*and life, of course. =)


MBush said...

I think you're hair cut it very nice on you! Don't be hating, just growing! :) I choke still when I say the word minivan...oh well. It is what it is. Thanks for taking Marianne this morning, its been a long few days with her being very fussy, it was good to have a few minutes with someone else being responsible!!!

Varun Sharma said...

Hi buddy.. just dropped in to say Hi..
I visited your blog and it is very interesting to learn new things abot Krafts..
Just one suggestion.. Your text font color is light and it is a bit dificult to read in the white background.. just try some dark background color...