Coveting Your Prayers...

This is almost too heartbreaking to write...

My sister's dad has been struggling with Mesothelioma for some time and has just taken a turn for the worse. The doctors do not expect him to last more than a week, and definitely not until Christmas. While I know that God holds each of our breaths and our mortality doesn't lie in the hands of men, this is shocking, too heartbreaking to even seem real. Josi is only 18 years old and has 2 younger brothers. I cannot imagine losing my dad, especially around the holidays. Please, please pray for my sister Josi and her dad, Lee.

Specific prayers:

- Traveling mercies for Josi as she travels with her baby (my 4 mo. old niece, Isabelle) in the winter weather (we just got hit with our first snow of the season) from Michigan to Illinois

- Courage and guidance from the Holy Spirit as Josi attempts to share the message of salvation with her dad

- Receptiveness on Lee's part to hear the Gospel and accept Christ's free gift!

- Comfort and peace to Tami (her stepmom) and her two younger brothers (Josh & Jacob) and salvation for them as well.

- That if God wills it, a miraculous healing, or at least one last Christmas together

- Guidance for me and the words to say that will bring comfort to my sister in such a hard time.

Thanks, faithful prayer warriors!


Trish said...

sorry :(

i've been praying for josi and her dad as well as her stepmom!

can't even imagine!

Lynette said...

I know you don't know me, but I do follow you blog... I live in Indiana, but grew up in Michigan... I will truly pray for him, as I lost my Dad shortly after Christmas last year.... I was lucky enough to have my dad around for 51 years... you don't want them to suffer but it's hard to let go... Please tell her we are praying for him, and travel mercies for her...