The nursery- Sweet Details

Wow, I hope I can remember how to post to my blog...

It's been a long time, lol!

Just a few pics of some sweet details in the nursery-

Here's one side of the room:

And the other:

I painted this shelf myself! On it is his first bear, that we bought before we knew the sex of the baby, when I just wanted to buy SOMETHING! Also on the shelf is a pillow made for him by my BFF Trisha- isn't it too cute? Under the shelf are letters I painted. Originally, I wanted to use his name/nickname if it was short enough, but we hadn't decided yet and so I went with "Baby."

I love the glider chair that we purchased off Craig's List and I recovered/upholstered. The fabric is so cute up close- it's wavy with a lime green background- it matches perfectly! Also there is a pillow I made and a blanket made by baby's Grandma Beyer (super soft and cuddly).

This is the changing table I found on Craig's list for $20!!! I just love Craig's list! Adorning it is one of my favorite details- bunting in matching fabrics made by Trisha. (Just a quick plug for my uber-talented friend- she sells these buntings and many other adorable crafts in her etsy shop- daisysanddots.etsy.com)

I bought these mirrors at IKEA, like centuries ago, and totally forgot I even had them until we were cleaning out the office to make the baby's room- they matcher perfectly- how cool is that? The little saying, "Sweet Dreams" is from Trish again. Geez, girl! =)

Okay, this is my absolute favoritest thing in the nursery, ever (and not just 'cause I think I did a great job on it, either). I found this quote while searching for words to put on the wall (still to come- I need some inspiration). Even though this quote was too long for the vinyl I have left over from the polka dots, I fell in love with it and decided it needed to be a part of his room, because it's EXACTLY how I feel! A canvas, some paints and ribbon and voila! I adore it and get to look at it every time I change a diaper, as it's hanging over the changing table. (which may be a good thing, especially once I get sick of changing diapers!)

Well, to tell you the truth, the room just isn't done yet. I'm not talking about the trim that still needs to get refinished and installed, or the vinyl words, or the lamp I want to buy for the dresser, or the changing table pad I'm sorely lacking.


The sweetest thing that's yet to be added is going to be my son.

(Wow, that made me tear up. =)

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MBush said...

He'll come soon enough, then before long it will feel as if you were never without him! Your nursery is beautiful!!! I'm starting to gather things for Marianne's room (yes she's 8 months, but, well...you know) and you've inspired me! Nice job!