We're Baaa-aaack!

and well rested after a fabulously romantic anniversary vacation to....


(Trisha from over at Daisy's and Dots- you win!
How'd you guess, girl?)

P.S. Theresa- I wish we had gone to Scotland, haha, but Califor-ni-a was awesome, too!

The handsome hubby and I flew in to San Jose, CA and visited the awesome redwood forests on a misty day:
Please give my disheveled appearance a break on this one, we had been up for a very long time and got off a plane not too much earlier!

Then, we went to San Francisco
Here we are riding a cable car up the crazy-steep streets.
(Just an incidental little note about our visit to San Francisco- it's crazy there any day of the year, but we got the amusement of being there on Halloween!)

From there we traveled to Yosemite National Park:
We visited the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoia trees- holy crap- were they amazing!

And then, we drove to our final destination for the remainder of the trip- Lake Tahoe:

We got snow while we were there, it was very pretty and romantic- especially since we could cuddle up in front of our fireplace!
Bye, Lake Tahoe, we'll miss you!

This trip was so amazing, words cannot possibly do it justice at all, and pictures especially never fully capture God's breathtaking creation. Several times I teared up at the magnificent beauty of it all.

This was truly the trip of a lifetime. My dear husband deserves a medal!

Watch for my next post, in which I will regale you with humorous stories and pictures from the trip!


Meg said...

What a cute blog... I found your blog by blog hopping.... I do that in my spare time... or when I need to just veg... Your trip to CA sounded awesome... I was born and raised there and moved from the fast lane to the very slow lane of rural Missouri... gunna bookmark you blog and check up on you now and then...

Meg in MO

Trish said...

YES i win something :) so glad you had a blast and btw you look adorable in that green crop jacket :) can't wait to see you and visit for awhile. maybe starbucks...