A Romantic Gesture and a GIVEAWAY!!!

November 8, 2003

Wow, I can't believe it has been 5 years already!

Sometimes I think, "Wow, we just got married yesterday!" and yet, sometimes I feel like I don't remember a time when we weren't together!

Know whadda mean? Each year just keeps getting better!

So, get your "Awwwww's" ready- here's the romantic gesture-

My knight, Greg, is whisking me away on an anniversary vacation that is all a surprise to me! He has done ALL of the planning, keeping everything under wraps (which is pretty hard for him, believe me!) All I know is that we are flying and that we are going to a cold climate. (Which I only discovered 2 days ago, due to the fact that I had lots of laundry to do before I could even consider packing.)

Greg- you are such an amazing man! You are strong and tender, faithful and loving, romantic and funny. You are more than I ever could have imagined God would see fit to bless me with- you are such a testament to God's abundant provision for his children! I am so thankful for your love and ministry in my life that even writing this I am brought to tears. I love you!
(P.S. You're darned sexy, too!)

All sniffles aside, here's the GIVEAWAY part you've been waiting for after all the mushy stuff-

I cannot even venture a guess as to
where we are going?

Can you?

Leave a comment with your guess and if you wish,
a mushy dedication of your own!

Whoever's the closest (geographically, that is!) will win this-

Use it to send a message of love to your sweetheart!

As soon as I return (in 10 days, people!!! =) I will tell you all about our vacation, where we went, and announce the winner!

See you later!


Greg said...

I'm guessing you're going to katmandu.

Trish said...

I will guess Oregon or Northern California or maybe Washington State? Sorry I know it's more than one guess, but ya know me :)

Happy Anniversary, hope you have the most relaxing, romantic time and think of none of us back home :)

TheresaJ said...

I'm guessing Scotland. Don't know why... I guess I thought castles, wet, foggy coasts, and lots of green. Sounds romantic to me.

Congrats on you anniversary and on your loving and committed relationship.

- Theresa