NO DUMPING... it kills!

DISCLAIMER: this may be a long post. We tend to be weird and funny. Enjoy!

As promised, here are some pictures and stories of the funnier things from our trip!

If you know my husband, Greg, you know exactly why this is hysterical! =)

Incidentally, this vista point overlooking a large lake is where I lost and later found my wedding rings! I had taken them off to put lotion on my hands and set them in Greg's lap. I forgot about them until a long while later, when we were well past this scenic overlook climbing the steep mountain grades. Of course, I was hysterical, thinking they were gone forever, but we drove back to look anyways. Miraculously, I spied them from quite a distance as we were combing the area. It took awhile before I settled down after that!

For some reason, Greg just could not remember to replace the gas cap EVERY time we got gas. Maybe he was just so excited to drive this sporty little G6. After doing this a few times, I finally had to take a picture.
Greg wants everyone to know how fast he got the speedometer needle up to.

Here's us in Virginia City, Nevada. This is an awesome historical old mining town. There are over 400 miles of mines underneath this small city! It really was incredible.
Taking a mine tour. Our guide may have been tipping it back a little right beforehand in the saloon where the mine tour started. There are more saloons than anything else in this town!

Here's a Californian Happy Cow.
This one's for you, mom!

Staying at the Wawona Hotel. It was beautiful, in high Victorian fashion. For this reason, we did not have a bathroom in our actual room. It was 2 floors down.
Hence these robes.
Aren't they sexy?

This next one is the only semblance of civilized plumbing in our room.

If you know me well enough, you know that I always take a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Well, that's pretty scary in the mountains with bears and mountain lions just waiting to devour you!

Here I am picking up pine cones to throw over the bridge and race down the waterfall. What they don't tell you when you buy beautiful pine cones in the store, is that in nature they are covered in barbs and sap, and that's why I am making this face.
Out of pain.

This is me being very angry at Greg for going off without me and hiking to the edge of the icy waterfall. He was constantly doing crap like that, scaring the pants off me!
Here's some more proof that Greg may have a death wish-

Okay, these next pictures show that Greg must try very hard at not being photogenic!
I was taking the picture in this one and completely unaware of his antics!
Every time he took the picture, he always made this strained face:
We got a good laugh out of looking at all the photos where his face is exactly like this! Maybe I'll put a scrapbook together of them. =)
Okay, I think I've regaled you with enough for now!

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