7 Degrees of Katrina

(Props to Melissa from Stretch Marks for this idea! Thanks! =)

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Have children! (At least 6 of them. Why are you laughing???)
2. Travel to Europe.
3. Missions work (God hasn't revealed just where or what yet...)
4. Get a facial in a really expensive spa, you know, with the works!
5. Learn to play an instrument well. No more dabbling!
6. Learn to make up my mind and stick with my decisions, without constant wavering.
7. Learn to drive a motorcycle. (Already have my permit and a few lessons under my belt!)

Seven Things I CAN Do:

1. Be silly.
2. Love my husband.
3. Forgive.
4. Sing.
5. Cry like nobody's business. (It doesn't take much!)
6. Kreate just about anything.
7. Cook like a pro.

Seven Things I CANNOT Do:

1. Be everything to everybody.
2. Kill spiders (not because I value their existence, just 'cause I'm terrified to!)
3. Sleep well without air conditioning.
4. Keep up with my laundry- it's ridiculous!
5. Stay within my grocery budget.
6. Remember how a car engine works.
7. Pass up chocolate of any kind.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse:

1. His gentle forehead kisses.
2. His biceps.
3. How he looks when he's doing the mechanic thing.
4. How smart he is.
5. His silly sense of humor.
6. His commitment to Godliness.
7. That face- that smile- that body! You're hot, Greg!

Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1. GRE-EG!
2. What do you want for dinner?
3. Whatever.
4. Geez-a-lou!
5. What do you want to do this weekend?
6. Are you done in there, yet?
7. You poop-steak/stick! (You know there's a story behind these!)

Seven People Who I Think Should Do This:

1. Trish
2. Greg
3. Shelly-Belly
4. Anita
5. Grandma/Grandpa Becker
6. Dad
7. YOU!

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