Aren't You Jealous?

Well, if not now, you will be after I tell you this... After a leisurely breakfast of coffee and 2 Pecan Sandies cookies (be proud, Mom!), my darling husband told me to take a shower. Just what every girl wants to hear- "Is someone visiting from the garbage dump, my dear, or is that you?"

(FYI, I really didn't want to. No, I don't have anything against being clean, but I do have something against wasting perfectly good Saturday krafting time to stand under running water for a man who professed to love me for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, squeaky cleanliness or babe with body odor.)

But, I did it anyhow. Unconditional love, you know. Okay, I'll admit, I knew he was up to something.

He was.

He brought us to a nearby park and produced a blanket and a lunch bag, which he proceeded to unload. Sandwiches (he remembered the light mayo for me! and extra tomato!), 100 calorie packs of Ritz toasted chips, nectarines, 2 diet Cokes, and you guessed it people, more of those delicious Pecan Sandies! A-ha! That's what he was doing while I was in the shower, scrubbing away. We ate under the shade of a large tree while we watched children playing in the park and boats passing by. I thought it couldn't get any better until he brought out the "piƩce de resistance-"

Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Yes, he made them himself, and yes, he fed them to me.

Jealous now?

I thought so.

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John said...

so i'm on the cake wrecks blog and i'm checking out the comments on the most recent post and i randomly click yours (out of 66 comments) and come to your blog to find out you are in holland, mi. just like me (at least for work). love the internet!