Never, EVER Make This Huge Mistake, People!

Warning: Rant coming.

Last weekend I had something happen to me that is the absolute worst! No, I'm not talking about running out of chocolate, having a fight with the spouse, or missing an episode of the Office.

Worse, people! (I know right now you are thinking, "What could be worse than running out of chocolate?" Trust me- read on.)

Here it is in all it's gory splendor-

I traveled 3 long hours (in a car with my mother, sister, aunt, AND husband driving- but that's not what was awful...I digress) in order to go to a Couple's Wedding Shower. Yeah, the hubby was thrilled about being dragged to that, let me tell you.

Anyhow, we get there just fine, say hello, bring our gifts, mingle, etc. I hadn't seen my family in a while and I've been doing the whole Weight Watchers thing- lost about 25 pounds, actually. (Go me!!!) So, you know I have dressed in a cute, flattering outfit, so that the compliments from my relatives who haven't seen me in months would just come rolling my way.

Wrong. Nothing. Absolutely no mention of how good I'm looking. Until.....

Relative: "Congratulations!!!" Well, it's about time people!

Me: "Thanks." Long Pause "Ummm...for what?"

"You're Pregnant!!!!"

"Uh, no."

"You're trying?"

"Nope, just fat." I don't have much tact, if you hadn't noticed.

"Oh....(trailing off)... I thought I heard you were pregnant.

And...cue the ego deflation.

Please, for the love of chocolate and all things holy, NEVER mention pregnancy to a person unless-
A.) They've told you flat out that they are pregnant.
B.) They're in labor.

Rant Over.

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Colleen Mills said...

Still rolling on the floor laughing my ass off. Ben there;done that and probably will be again,although most people hesitate to saysomething like that to a 50 year old woman.

I just started a new blog over the weekend for etsy sellers and also some marketing ideas. Hope you will go check it out and let me know how you like/don't like it.