Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hi again. Long time, no talk!

I have not been able to access blogger for a few days and I finally figured it out- it was just our internet filter- geesh- so easy I can't believe it took me that long to figure out.

'Cause let me tell you, I would've blogged my heart out this weekend.

See, I'm home alone.

My hubby and his buddies take a weekend trip up north every year and stay on an uninhabited island called Manitou Island. There are no bathrooms on this island, no sinks, no showers, not even real "campsites" to speak of. There's only one spot where campfires are allowed (takes the whole fun out of camping, if you ask me!) They have to take a ferry to get there and have to hike in everything they will need- food water, gear, etc. And they actually enjoy it! Greg lives all year for this, God bless him!

Well, while they are getting back to nature by eating freeze-dried food and granola bars and digging holes for their you-know-what, us wives get to hold down the fort. And since we've no little ones, yet, that means I got to do whatever I wanted all weekend!

-Chick Flicks (Sense and Sensibility and The Nanny Diaries for me this weekend!)
-Starbucks (that's right, Greg, and I made it a grande, too!)
-Crafting until all hours (check out the shop here)
-Shopping (just browsing without a care in the world!)
-No cooking (yay for frozen pizza!)

Doing all that much fun stuff took time. Too much time to enable me to clean house! So, I leave you, my friends, to bring some tidiness and cheer into my abode. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon (after I get done cleaning, I'm going to read a book and take a nap! =).

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