That's right- in just 7 days, we will be going in for our 1/2 way point ultrasound!!!

While we're there, we definitely plan on finding out the sex of the baby! (And until then, it's the battle of the sexes around here- I am all for a darling little girl, and hubby is dying for a little man. =)

So... you wanna weigh in on the issue?
(You got a 50/50 shot- the odds are pretty good!)

And, I don't care if any of you all decide to put some money on it- so long as you split the pot!

Go ahead and vote- in the right bar at the top of the blog.

Good luck- I'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

I am hoping for a little girl, but I have had a feeling since we found out that it will be a boy. I hope I am wrong! Either way, it will be a blessing and he or she will be greatly loved.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend! After hanging out Friday night, I'm voting for the Little Man!! Kevin however is voting for a baby!!! :) Can't wait to hear back...call me!!! TTFN!!


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for a little girl--we need more girls in this family!! Either way, Greg and I are very happy for the both of you.