Hilarity will ensue- I promise!

I just have to share a hilarious new game that friends introduced us to!

It's called Chinese Pictionary!
(Remember Chinese telephone? Well, imagine that and pictionary rolled into one)

One of the best things about it is that all you need is paper and pens/pencils and at least 5 friends. (sense of humor is somewhat optional, as this is guaranteed to make you laugh no matter what!)

- some sheets of paper, cut into thirds, long ways (or "hot dog style" as us teachers like to say)
- pens/pencils

Step One:
Each person gets one strip of paper to begin. Everyone thinks of a common phrase/idea and writes it out at the top of their strip. Then, they everyone passes the paper to the left or right, whatever you predetermine before the game begins.

Step Two:
Player 2 reads the phrase, and then illustrates it (as best they can!). Now, this is important- BEFORE passing, Player 2 must fold over the written phrase so that only their drawing will be seen by Player 3.

Step Three:
Player 3 receives the strip, sees Player 2's (lovely) drawing and decides what it must mean. Then, they write out the phrase/idea they think the drawing represents.
Steps Four - ?:
Play keeps on going this way, with each player either writing or drawing in response to the clue they were passed, and folding over the paper so that the next player only sees their response.

As you can see, this one morphed from,
"Drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die,"
"Elvis Presley!"

The game is over when you receive your strip back (although it's usually hard to tell by the time it gets around to you! Try writing your name on the bottom of the strip when you begin). I guess there's really no winner to this game, but trust me, you will be rewarded by how much fun it is!

Other funny examples: (click to see them larger)

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