Let's Get This Par-tay Started!

Yeah, my first post!!!! Aren't you excited? Somewhat excited? Ok, just the teeny-weeniest bit excited? (Did I just say "weeniest" in my first post? Sheesh!)

Anyways, here I am in the world of blogging. (As if I needed another reason to hang out at the computer- sorry honey!)

I'm sure that as time goes by, my posts will get wittier and funnier and I will make you hang on every word and keep you coming back for more glimpses into my deranged and comical mind- but for now, will you settle for some run-of-the-mill introductions?

Here's me and Greg (the handsome husband):
Here's some of the cool things I like to "Kreate:"

My Cootie Catchers are great for weddings/showers/birthdays-

I love making greeting cards:

And of course, plenty of miscellaneous "Krafts," too, like embellishments and tags:

Oh yeah, I am a calligrapher, as well!

Hmmm.. nothing like tooting your own horn so much when you first meet, gotta love a good first impression!

Well, now you know all about 2 of my 3 biggest passions in life, 2.) my hubby and 3.)crafting. But, the first of these, numero uno, is my relationship with Jesus Christ (whom I don't have a recent picture of, haha- stand back and wait for the lightning to strike!)

Love to all and leave me comments!


Trish said...

well, now that you have something to keep you in front of the computer screen even longer, I now have added 5 more minutes to my morning reading :) Lovin' the blog sista!!!

Trish said...

did I just actually hear amish paradise? whoa!