What's Your Rock Star Name?

So, being completely uninspired, but still wanting to bless all my darling readers with a post, here's what I borrowed from one of my fave blogs. Enjoy!

To find your ROCK STAR NAME take your first pet & current car:

Swiggy Prizm

To find your GANGSTA NAME take your favorite ice cream flavor and your favorite cookie:

Butter Pecan Windmill
(I don't sound all that scary, really)

Your favorite color and favorite animal:

Blue Beagle

Everybody wants a SOAP OPERA NAME, so take your middle name and the city where you were born:

Alyce Munster
(what kind of freaky soap opera is this???)

Want to know your SUPERHERO NAME? Just add the word "The" plus your 2nd favorite color, and your favorite drink:

The Green Squirt
(I must be a sidekick)

Oh gross. Your NASCAR NAME. Take the first names of your grandfathers:

Thomas Stanley

If I ever go into WITNESS PROTECTION you can find me with this name. Your mother’s & father’s middle names:

Ann Michael

? Just take your 5th grade teacher’s last name and add a major city that starts with the same letter:

Kiellor Kalamazoo

Of course, if you find me in witness protection I will assume it was because you were using your SPY NAME. Add your favorite season/holiday to your flower:

Summer Peony

Tell your kids their CARTOON NAME by taking your favorite fruit, an article of clothing you’re wearing right now, now add "ie" or "y":

Strawberry Sweaterie

And lastly, your ROCKSTAR TOUR is heading across the northeast...it's called
("The” + Your fave hobby/craft, your fave weather element + the word “Tour”):

The Scrapbooking Sunshine Tour

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Trish said...

he, he this is fun and funny