Things That Make Me Smile

Okay, so... I'll admit I've been a little bummed lately. The weather temp is back down again and it keeps raining (don't blame me, I prayed hard), I had some sort of freak food poisoning or stomach flu (ugh), and other various personal issues (we've all got them, right?).

So... sing it with me now-
"When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm fee-ling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel, soooooo bad!"

10 Things That Make Me Smile:

10. Amish Paradise by Weird Al (check it, homey)

9. Cake Wrecks (best blog e-vah!)

8. Shopping at Michael's or Hobby Lobby

7. The smell of clean towels (lame, but true)

6. Crossing something off a list ("Hi, I'm Type A personality, and who might you be?" and yes- if I do it and it wasn't on the list, I write it and cross it off)

5. A best friend I love dearly (and who never thinks I'm crazy, or doesn't treat me like it anyways, even when I bare my true heart to her)

4. Family (seems obligatory, but it wouldn't be if it wasn't true!)

3. Feeling my darling child squirm inside me (but not the heartburn I'm enduring :)

2. Greg Beyer (every crazy-wonderful-handsome bit of him!)

1. Jesus' unfailing, amazing, life-changing Grace

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Things that make me smile: