Where did my baby go???????

My virtual baby, that is!
(Hope I didn't scare you)

For the past week or so, my baby widget down at the bottom has been broken. (At least, I am hoping it is broken. I keep stuffing down the irrational pregnant side of me that thinks it may be an omen.)

The day countdown is right, but there is no baby showing up in the "womb." What is up with that?

Unless I missed the chapter in "What to Expect..." that details the stealth mode of babies during the 16th-17th weeks.

I can't seem to find any information about it anywhere. Evidently, no one else is having this problem, or it was bound to show up on a message board somewhere in internetland.
Oh dear.

I tried reloading.

I tried just getting a whole new one.

I tried praying for my baby to come back!

Where is my baby???

Any helpful ideas or comments of reassurance will be duly appreciated.


Trish said...


maybe try a new one all together :)

tried to call you today we need to get together!!!

TheresaJ said...

I was just reviewing my old blog posts and came across the one I posted after winning your blog giveaway (I love my cards by the way). Anyway, glad I did because I found my way back to your blog again and am now following you, making it easier to stay up to day. Congrats on your pregnancy! I wish you lots of happiness.

My counter is acting up too, but it's just a regular old counter -- nothing as special as a baby. :) Wonder why that is... ?