MOMS- I need your ADVICE!

Calling all experienced mothers out there!

I need some advice,
(being pregnant with my first child and all =)

Firstly, Greg and I are planning on stocking up diapers slowly as we prepare for our darling. So, I would like to know:

*What brands are the best deal/work okay? (I've heard store brand Meijer is cheap but leaky and Target's are pretty good)

*What is a good price?

*What sizes/how long are they in them? I want to buy a few sizes so I can be prepared, so let me know what you think is smart!

Next, (this might be TMI for some people) certain parts of my "upper region" are getting really dry and lotion does not seem to help. Anyone had this happen and know a good cream or something?

Thanks for all your help! Don't forget- I have an awesome and fun Mad Libs Valentine GIVEAWAY going on right now- click here.


Greg said...

I cannot beleive you posted that.

Trish said...

Lanolin for your womanly problem if that doesn't work ask your doc for a prescription brand

as for diapers we use the cheap meijer brand, no problems on our end. although i will say if you want the name brand i liked pampers the best especially the infant/newborn (there is a special name for them can't think of it right now) but they move with the baby and the waistline is stretchy! i liked that a lot.

RuJu said...

Lanolin is the cream you want. It's really sticky tho, so I suggest getting some breast pads and putting them in your bra so you don't ruin them.

As for diapers. I had to use pampers for my first. She leaked thru everything else.

My second wears luvs. I love the way they smell. lol...an dthey are cheaper.

Pampers swaddlers are the best for newborns, they are stretchy and have a belly button cut out.

Baby will most likely only be in newborns for a few weeks. Same with size 1 and 2. Size 3 a bit longer and so on.

My son will be 2 in a few weeks, and he has been in size 5 for almost a year.