Blackberry Freezer Jam

Meijer had a sale on blackberries- $.50 per half pint!!
So, after we ate ourselves silly with them, I still had plenty leftover and decided to try making blackberry freezer jam.
Why freezer jam?
1.) I'm a city girl with neither canning skills nor canning equipment
2.) Freezer jam uses much less sugar than traditional jam and since it is frozen, tastes more like fresh fruit.

It turned out DELICIOUS! A little looser in texture than a traditional jam, but sooo good it didn't make a bit of difference!  I am definitely not stopping at blackberries- you can do this with just about any fruit!

Wanna try? Here's what you need: 
Fresh ripe fruit (I used blackberries)-
be sure it's NOT overripe

Mash 'em up real good.
If you dislike the seeds, you can put this through a sieve, but don't go buckwild, or it will be really runny. You need a little chunkiness to it for best results.
Every 2 cups made about 2 half pints of jam.

Instant pectin (I made 2 batches)

Sugar (2/3 Cup per batch)
Stir the pectin in well, then add the mashed blackberries and stir for at least 3 minutes, until the sugar/pectin mix is incorporated/dissolved. (You don't want sugar granules in your jam!)

8oz freezable containers
(2 batches made 5 half pints for me)
These are Ball brand freezer jam containers- they have screw on lids and worked awesome.