Cooties for a Cause III

~ Interested in buying cootie catchers? ~
~ Would you like a great deal on them? ~
~And, what do you think about donating money to an organization that is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in their community? ~

Why not do all three at once?!?

Good Samaritan Ministries is running their
"Giving for Good" auction right now, and up for bid is a
$100 Kat's Kraft gift certificate.
The starting bid is only $31! The auction ends 4-28, so hurry over and get your bid in!
The winning bidder will receive a redemption code for $100 worth of cootie catcher goodness. It can also be used toward shipping (worldwide!) This is good for a one-time use.

I believe wholeheartedly in the purpose behind Good Samaritan Ministries, which is why I've donated this gift certificate and am getting the word out to my clients, so they can perhaps snag a deal and help out a worthy cause. The auction specifically helps fund the Clearinghouse program. "The Clearinghouse is the place people call when they have nowhere else to turn. Families who are struggling to keep their housing, find a job, or solve any problem get the help they need from the Clearinghouse. They can speak to real person knowing they'll find solutions and be understood."

Happy bidding!!!

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