My Christmas Masterpiece

Every Christmas, I try to incorporate handmade gifts into our giving. I do this because a.)It's personal and special (I hope!) and b.) It saves some $, during a season that can be so commercial and budget-breaking.

Last year I nearly killed myself trying to make almost everything. That, along with a busy shop and a 5 month old (who doesn't really count, 'cause he's about the closest thing to an angel!) about drove me over the edge. I decided I was getting overburdened and missing the point, so this year, I vowed to make just a few very special things, along with buying some thoughtful gifts.

The first thing I made was a new Hawaiian shirt for my dad. This picture is terrible, but it's here to prove that I actually did it...

See the pocket on the front? No? I bet you didn't, cause I matched the fabric seamlessly! (Huffing and wiping fingernails on shoulder... what is that gesture even from, anyway?)

I made a few other fun things, like receipt wallets and cake stands and a card organizer that I was pretty jealous of for myself!
But, the piece de resistance...
The item I spent late nights on...
My labor of love this year was...

A playhouse for my niece, Isabelle!

I came across the idea for a felt playhouse that fits over a folding card table here. 'Cause I'm the DIY sort, I decided to tackle this project on my own without a pattern of any kind. I think it turned out pretty great! =)

Each side is different. This one has an apple tree with removable apples. They go in the basket! (p.s. you can untie and retie the ribbon!)

The birds and the bees!

A window box with removable flowers and a watering can that also comes off (Velcro) so you can water the flowers! I'm pretty dang proud of the wood grain I sewed onto the flower box.

Caden is trying it out. He really likes it!

I think Bella likes it, too!

Although this project was very time consuming, it was definitely a labor of love for my "Nieceypoo." I hope she'll enjoy it for years to come! I have to give credit once more to the inspiration for this project- MissPrettyPretty on etsy, who creates these imaginative and amazing playhouses. She sells patterns so you can make your own as well- but trust me, they are worth every. single. penny if you purchase one already made from her shop.

This picture is just for kicks! This was my mom's face this Christmas when she opened her Nook! Don't be mad, mom, this picture is hilarious! :)


Leave a Trail... said...

WOW...that playhouse is amazing!!!!! I love your creativity!

MBush said...

Nice work!! Now Caden "needs" one!

Trish said...

so cute! i miss you :)