This new year, I need to make a resolution to update my blog more often! It's been awhile, (which I always seem to be saying...) but I am going to try and keep adding some new information here because...

I am rolling out some new changes to the shop! For the rest of this year, and into the new year, I am planning on completely overhauling my graphic design/logo, etc. I am also planning some changes to my pricing structure and hoping to add some new items to the shop and a new line of non-custom cooties to sell in boutiques, which I get asked about all the time- but have been too stinking busy to even consider. I am also considering getting my own website, instead of selling solely on etsy. Lots of big things happening!

Things were crazy, I mean, absolutely CRAZY during the months of August and September! You'd think June would be busier, but actually, early fall is the busiest time of year for me. This year was no exception and I thought I was going to go insane- but I made it and now this bit of a slowdown in October has been a welcome relief. (I actually dusted my house for the first time in who knows how long...)

So, keep an eye out for all the exciting new things happening here!!!

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