Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Dear, sweet Caden-
Happy Birthday, son!

Wasn't it just yesterday I found out I was pregnant? When I grabbed my head and squealed in excitement at the doctor's office when the nurse confirmed what I had only dared to believe
(while your dad looked on smiling)?

Wasn't it just a moment ago that you came into this world with a cry, prompting tears of my own, though they were from pure joy?

Amazing how a tiny little baby can swell such love in a mother's heart! (and Daddy's, too!)

Each precious moment and first has flown by and although you are still a baby, you have changed so much! I love the silly person you are becoming, a little boy full of fun and joy and interest in the world around you!

I can't believe it's been a whole year, an entire year, since God trusted us with you! 365 days of the most wonderful, blessed moments I could never before have imagined parenthood would bring. You are precious to us, my dear and Daddy and I love you very much!


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Trish said...

and you are a wonderful mother :) caden is blessed to call you mommy :)