Caden's Surgery

Caden is having his Hypospadias surgery tomorrow (Thursday, June 3) at 7:30am.
I am a little freaked out about the whole thing, but I know that God's got it all under control and the team at DeVos Children's hospital is amazing. If you think of us tomorrow, we would definitely appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

For my customers- thanks for understanding that my family comes first and so there may be a slight delay in communication from me. I am taking tomorrow through Monday to be the most attentive mommy I can be and will resume designs and shipping at that time.


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Pink Rose Cottage said...

I found my way here through your etsy shop to look at the paper and fonts and just noticed this post about your little boy. My 14 year old son is also named Caden and he is a wonderful person. Best wishes with the surgery, and now I'm off to look at fonts :)