Gosh, I Love a Great Deal!

Does anyone else LOVE bargain hunting? Seriously, I feel so thrilled when I get a great deal and I love telling people about it.

My grandma doesn't agree with this. If someone compliments me on a shirt and I say, "Thanks. Got it on the Kohl's clearance rack for $3.50!" she would probably gasp. (A lady never gives up her secrets... love you Grams! :)

Carter's has recently had their warehouse clearance sale, with an extra 50% of the clearance prices! Caden got so many new clothes, I also bought some for my niece, Isabelle, too. Who could pass up frilly dresses for $2.50?

Anyways, that was some great shopping, but today was the steal of the century! Greg and I have been wanting a GPS for the car for some time, now. We've borrowed a friend's for a few road trips and let me tell, ya, we hardly argued at all! (God had pity on the marriage relationship when he inspired whoever invented this gadget.)

A few days ago, I got a peel off Kohl's coupon. I always get the 15%ers, never the 20% or 30%, so imagine my surprise when it was 30% off! Yay! I started to imagine all the things I "needed." Then, yesterday I got their two-day Valentine's doorbuster ad. It just so happens that a $200 GPS was on sale for $89.99.
That's 55% off already!

Okay, so $89.99.
Less my 30% off, brought it to $65.00.
Then, I had $25 in Kohl's merchandise credits (from Christmas returns)- $40.00
Oh yes, did I mention you get a $20 VISA card in rebate for the GPS?- $20.00
Finally, Kohl's gave me $10 in Kohl's cash for every $50 I spent- $10.00


I just spent $10.00, people, and got an awesome GPS!
Beat that!

(Well, actually, I can- did I ever tell you about the time Greg and I got PAID for buying new rollerblades...
that's another story, though... =)

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MBush said...

seriously good deal!!! I love bargain hunting!