What's New? Cootie CASTOFFS!

Q. What's the result of making hundreds of brides happy with thousands of cootie catchers?

A. A big mess! I print my cooties on 8.5" x 11" paper. After they are trimmed to size (8.5" square), I have leftovers! I could never throw them out, of course, and have been using them for all sorts of things-
---- scrap paper (great for lists!)
---- matchbook notepads
---- color swatches for samples
---- Packaging
But I just can't keep up! These things are multiplying! So I had a great idea...
I could sell them (for practically nothing, of course!) to someone who could use them brilliantly. They would be PERFECT for making homemade paper (wish I had the time...)
Or for scrapbooking (acid, ligning free! =)

Or cutting into strips for quilling...

Making your own notepads...

Shred it and use it for gift bags/baskets!

Any teachers out there? You could do SOOOO much with all this paper!

I am currently selling these by color in the shop. I have an assortment of:

Take home a flat-rate envelope stuffed chock-full (that's over 2 lbs!) for only $3. Or, contact me for a special arrangement, I would love to get these off my hands and into yours!


Anonymous said...

What is the weight of those left overs? is it cardstock?

Kat said...

Hi there-
To first answer your question, no, these are not cardstock weight (at least, the majority of them are not- I occasionally have cardstock, but only once in a while).

But secondly, this post is over a year old and I no longer am offering castoffs in my etsy shop. :( In fact, I just donated all of the ones I currently have on hand to a special ed program just last month.

of course, I will be accumulating castoffs as the year progresses, so if you are in need of a particular color, or for whatever reason, let me know! My email is katskrafts{at}yahoo{.}com